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This is an incredibly important factor for any growing business. This site is a platform for people to post their unbiased reviews of a business. The business has zero control over what someone posts and nothing can be removed. If a business has rave reviews on yelp it says a lot about the quality of the business itself.
I think that this platform is interesting and has the potential to grow a business and reach new customers. Groupon can be great for a business that is just starting, they can offer some sort of first-time customer offer. For example, (10% off of your first consultation)
This might encourage someone that is on the fence to move forward and try your service. If they like it they could potentially leave a Yelp review and also tell their family and friends about your business.
Recent posts


Of all of the tools talked about in this weeks lecture the two that stood out to me the most like something I could incorporate into my business. Yelp and Linkedin seem like they could be useful to me and my business.
Linkedin will help me to make new connections with people in the same field as me, people looking to get into this field, and people who are "shopping" in this field. Yelp is a very important part of any business in today's society. There have been a countless number of times that I have chosen to either go to or avoid a business based solely on their Yelp reviews. As my business grows customers who have enjoyed and benefited from my business can share their thoughts with potential customers.


Email Marketing

I think that email marketing is a super efficient way of communicating with your customers. With my social media marketing business, I believe that a newsletter would be really interesting for the people on my mailing list. In this newsletter, I could send out updates on some of our "success stories" tips and tricks that my customers can implement into the techniques they are currently using as well as maybe a discounted seminar. All of these things are great but personally, I don't love my email being crowded by the same brands emailing me about promotions what seems like multiple times a week. Keeping that in mind I would set out to have my newsletters go out every other week. Another reason for this is that I can really pack the interesting information into it which will hopefully get my readers excited and looking forward to receiving it.

WEEK 10 Extra Credit


After reading the information about emotional pieces I have come to the conclusion that for my specific blog and market that using emotional posts could be beneficial. For a social media marketing business, it seems that people are often trying to market themselves and their lifestyles. If incorporate emotional pieces into my blog it would likely bring customers in by appealing to their likes dislikes and showcasing things that they can relate to. It makes sense to use personal touches on blog posts when you are talking about something that is relatable. If you can make it so that readers are able to draw a personal connection to your post they will be more likely to continue to follow your posts. It is not a good time to use a personal connection or touch in a post if you are talking about something strictly business related.


I think that visual media would work well for my business platform. The businesses that I looked into seemed to really utilize visual support in many different ways. It seems effective for them because it is so versatile they can use it to promote and market products, they can make videos that are informational or maybe even "tutorial" style videos. The most popular platforms I saw were definitely Youtube and Instagram.
The channel that really caught my eye is Kimberly Ann Jimenez.
She currently has 29,988 youtube subscribers and 4,651 followers on Instagram. So for her, the videos seem to get a larger response. She posts frequently and has a lot of active followers liking and commenting on both photos and videos.


I searched words like small business, success, networking, marketing, building clients and more. I came up with a ton of results, I felt that there was a bunch of great companies and people that popped up when looking through these searches. I ended up finding some really great businesses, websites that are posting content geared towards my business and a lot of well-established entrepreneurs. I created two lists, the first one being a Platforms list and the second being s Business related list. I think that these two lists are very motivating and can help me reach my goals because not only do they give me inspiration but also ideas I can incorporate into my own business model. I do not have a lot of information to go off of so far with the Twitter analytics but I am noticing that in the mornings and then later at night the activity seems to peak.